i'm just some kid who learned how to play the ukulele 10 years ago and hasn't looked back! I began my YouTube channel about 3 years ago and have seen such growth! I want everyone to be able to play fingerstyle ukulele and this website is how I'm doing it! Grab a tab sheet, your ukulele, and get jamming right away!

Need more motivation? Check out my YouTube videos to listen to how songs should sound and how potentially awesome you're going to sound!!

Teton Testimonial:

"I've played a lot of ukuleles in my years and none have compared to the look and feel of a Teton. Truly made with care a Teton ukulele stands the test of time and heavy use. I've been plahying mine for 5+ years and it still sounds like it did the day I bought it. I'll always vouch for Teton ukuleles because, to them, quality and family matter most.